Article Marketing and The Best Spinner Review

If you are actively engaged in or considering Article Marketing, you need to check out this review of The Best Spinner. It’s a great addition to your toolbox.
I decided to make article marketing a part of my internet marketing strategy. I felt I could create valuable unique content with the perspective of someone who had succeeded in sales and marketing for nearly 30 years. And I learned that each article I could post would have the ability to connect with the reader, potentially drawing them to me for more pearls. That’s the essence of attraction marketing. The other benefit was that each article could have at least one link to my web site of choice.
Link building is a huge part of search engine optimization. If you want to rank high enough for specific key words that searchers will find your site on the first page of their search results, the more incoming links to the different pages of your site, the better. Search engines value your site higher if links come into your site. It looks like people value your site enough to link to it, no matter if those links come from strangers, or are built by your placing those links all over the internet.

I realized that I could write an article and post it on a site. But duplicate content actually is not beneficial. It is ignored by search engines. If you were Google and you thrived by giving great search results to your users, you wouldn’t want to have a full page of results be the same article over and over again uploaded to different article posting sites. So you discount duplicates.

What that meant was I had to write my article, upload it to an article posting site, and then edit it so it would be different enough to upload it to another site. Editing an article was certainly easier than writing a new article, but was far too time consuming to become a real viable strategy long term.The Best Spinner

That’s where The Best Spinner comes in. It’s a simple program that allows me to import an article and automatically have synonyms for the words in my article be randomly selected so almost countless variations are constructed. If I want to upload unique content to 20 article posting sites, The Best Spinner will give me those articles in a heartbeat. Need more? No problem. I can write one article and have different versions all over the web, each one with links directing the reader and the search engines back to my main web site. How cool is that?

There’s a lot more to The Best Spinner that will blow you away with it’s power and value. Take $7 and try it for a week. Then it’s $77. Not for a month, which wouldn’t be too much for the tremendous value The Best Spinner provides, but $77 for an entire year. Check it out. Thank me later! Click here to see a video demo of The Best Spinner

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